Source, Manage and Save

It's What We Do

We believe that the relationship with our customers works both ways—their trust inspires us to be creative in meeting their needs, and we inspire them to be more efficient and effective because of the products and services we provide to them.

How we do it

Orders come first, but we are not just order takers

We use every interaction to learn more and ask ourselves “Is there a better way?

We are deadline driven

We always provide or ask for a date—internally and externally

We set high expectations and deliver on them

We work hard to ensure that all expectations are realistic and communicated to all stakeholders

Never just do an “automatic re-order”

We shop every item every time we order to get a great price and delivery and see what else is out there

We are great communicators

We communicate all the way through each project: email, phone, text, hard copy—and we will escalate communications to the appropriate level as needed

We take the initiative

ALWAYS ready to move forward with dates and next steps

We don’t cut corners

We consistently follow our procedures to
deliver the best work on time and budget

Our commitment is always to the process

Source, Manage, and Save

If we can’t get equal or better quality AND save you money, 

you owe us NOTHING

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